The Kent Lions Service Scholarship


Kindness defines who we are as Lions, and why we serve.  An act of kindness may be small and personal, or large and profound. When 1.4 million men and women come together to serve, it represents a dynamic force for good. Leos, the up and coming generation of Lions, are devoted young people who realize the power of action. Together, Leos and Lions form a powerful partnership—one of mutual respect, where Lions learn from the innovative insights of Leos, and where Leos gain support from those who’ve successfully served the world for decades.

The Kent Lions strive to support global leadership and community service.  Lions are making a real impact in lives and communities around the world. 

 The ideal applicant will have demonstrated serious interest in pursuing their chosen path towards a journey of service.

Service Journey

The Service Journey is an approach to living and serving well. To making a real difference people can see and feel. It encompasses four simple phases: Learn, Discover, Act, and Celebrate. We love these words because they transcend organizational formulas. They have no borders. They are the essence of Lions and Leos.


Insight is valuable: if we aren’t informed about what’s happening around us, our impact may fall short. So, we cultivate an awareness of local needs and how they connect to a larger global narrative. We seek new information and turn it into insight. Learning positions us to be effective.


Opportunity awaits anyone willing to learn. Knowledge sharing equips us to leverage our strengths, bridge gaps through partnerships and encourage innovation. This process of discovery unifies our focus and prepares us for action.


Our mission is service, and service is visible. Its effects are measurable. Equipped with insight and inspired by opportunity, we practically support our communities, our regions, and our world together. Through action we fulfill our mission.


Serving humanity in over 200 countries, we take pride in the unique expressions of kindness found in each of our local clubs across the world. When we share our stories and report our impact, we unify our organization, inspire our communities, and capture the attention of a global audience. Celebration elevates the experience and impact of service.

Applicants must:  

  • Live in Kent, CT
  • Be matriculated in higher education (college or technical school)
  • An applicant may apply multiple times, but receive the scholarship only once.

DEAD LINE    May 15  

AWARD NOTIFICATION               June 1


  • $1,500
  • Recipient of the scholarship will be invited to report back to the Lions Club about the use and impact of the grant.


  • Demonstrated interest in pursuing your chosen path 
  • The potential impact of the program on your life, studies, or community (local, regional, global) 
  • Letter of recommendation from a supervisor, mentor or teacher  (submitted directly to

Scholarship Committee

Bernadette Ellegard – Chair

Bob Indorf

Karren Garrity

Marty Lindenmayer

Lela Ogden